Grenoble in three minutes

I came in Grenoble by chance in September 2011. Before coming here, the only thing I knew about it was: Alps; but now I can talk on and on about Grenoble.

Grenoble is located in the south-east of France, about 120km on the south-east of Lyon, and 140km from Geneva or Italy. In 2015, Grenoble-Alpes became one of the 14 French agglomeration that have the title of métropole. Grenoble is one of the only three cities that are located inside the chain of European Alpin. Indeed, Grenoble is imprisoned mainly by three mountain chains: Vercors in the south-west, Chartreuse in the north, and Belledonne in the south-east – like a bottom of a pot. It has the altitude of around 214m above sea level, and is basically a sedimentary basin. With this kind of topography, Grenoble and its surrounding were one of the best defense line during the war period – with lot of built fortress. Continue reading


I have been rather frustated with a lot of people:

  • The devoted religious who: a. Speak high and almighty while being ignorant about the world; b. Defend blindly their religion; c. Judge people with no discussion.
  • The ignorants who: a. Are ignorant.
  • The capitalists who: a. Do anything to make money; b. Make money to do anything.
  • The smarts who: a. Are silent.

We only have one world, how hard is it to co-exist? Not only with other human beings but also with other beings.

Hiking in France: Rochet du Baconnet, Vercors

It was the end of January. It didn’t snow since several days and the temperature was mild for a January. It was expected. This winter is rather friendly and I hope there wouldn’t be any bad surprise coming.

It had been raining since thursday but the forcast predicted a sunny saturday, and they were right; as usual. Normally I would go for a snowshoeing or a cross-country ski during this season, but with this mild weather hiking was the best option. So friday evening I prepared my usual hiking stuff: a gortex, water, chocolate, pocket camera, hat, and gloves. I put my gaiters inside my bag, just in case. I also had my hiking shoes and sticks ready.

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Understanding France Territory: Regions, Departments, Communs

France territory is divided into France Metropolitan and the Overseas. It has an area of around 675,000 km² and population of around 67 millions people in 2016. France Metropolitan has a hexagonal form and is located in the western part of Europe. It shares its borders with Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain (Also with Monaco and Andorra); and is part of the European Union.

France territory is divided into regions. In April 2015, the French government proposed a territorial reform (then put into the August 7th 2015 NOTR law – Nouvelle Organisation Territoriale de la République) to merge the previously 22 regions into 13 regions; plus 5 regions in the overseas (See the maps below). The implementation of this law is ongoing since the 1st January 2016. The overseas include the Guadeloupe, Guyane, Martinique, Reunion Island, and Mayotte. Not included here is the New Caledonia which has a special collectif status.

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