Double hike in Chartreuse

After a series of unpleasant weather on weekends, I finally did my first 2016 spring hike this weekend. I couldn’t do much on saturday since it rained. The weather forecast for sunday wasn’t exciting either; the sun wouldn’t be up before noon and northern wind would still dominate the region. However, we had been waiting for sun since forever, so took our chance and decided to hike. Continue reading

Beyond Bordeaux: Arcachon Bay, Blaye, and Saint Émilion

As I travel, my travel evolves. Now when I visit a big city I would also try to visit its surrounding. It was difficult to decide where around Bordeaux that I wanted to visit the most in four days. As the largest wine producing region in France, I was tempted to visit all the big names like Médoc, Margaux, Bourg, Saint Émilion, etc; but of course it was impossible and too pretentious. At the end I found three perfect places to visit: Arcachon bay, Blaye, and Saint Émilion. Continue reading

Exploring Bordeaux

This monday I had a presentation in Bordeaux. With the long weekend last week, I decided to take some days off before the presentation.

I wasn’t very eager to do the trip because (first) it was mainly for work (second) that I was informed super late, (third) so the train ticket was already super expensive, (fourth) and not to forget that it was a long weekend, and (fifth) because it’s a long 7h30 train trip.

Anxious as usual I awaked very early to catch the train at 6am. From Grenoble I had to change my train in Valence. I was completely dead on the first train. I got inside the train, closed my eyes, and when I opened my eyes I was in Valence. Continue reading