Vercors hike

I have been hiking a few times around Grenoble and now it became harder and harder to find new spots that I haven’t been walked to. Of course it would be easier if I had a car but since I take the bus to do my hiking my options are rather limited.

From the three massifs around Grenoble, Vercors is the easiest massif to reach by public transportation. One of the simplest option is to go to Villard de Lans (about 1000m a.s.l), a small rather cute town, and then hike to the rather easy Col Vert (about 600m altitude difference) or to the popular Pic St. Michel.

So this time, I tried to find an alternative and found that we can walk to the Rochers de l’Ours between Col Vert and Col de l’Arc. 

I started walking on the same path as to go to Col Vert, but then I turned left to la croix des Platres. I don’t like the path that goes to Col Vert, but this path was better. I walked until I crossed the Tour des Quatre Montagnes (about 1486 a.s.l) which is part of the GR91.

I walked the GR91 that was plain before hiking up by the combe noire to Pierre Vivari (about 2000 a.s.l). The view was stunning with Villard de Lans on the left side. WThis point was already at the crest of the mountain but the east side was still covered with clouds.


Walking on the crest, the clouds started to went away, giving a clear view on both side.


I clumsily fell on some group of rocks and hurt myself quite bad but I knew that I didn’t break anything (I broke something before). My ribs and shoulder were hurting so bad and I decided to turn back down.

As I walked down the pain faded but I still felt it badly. Fortunately, when I arrived back in Grenoble I felt better and finally didn’t go to the hospital. I ended up with quite big haematomas on my ribs and on my arm.


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