Greece Part 3. Crete: Chania and Elafonissi

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After spending a long journey with bus we finally arrived in Chania. We managed to get a cheap room in a small hotel just at the border of the old town. We were welcomed at the hotel by a really nice old man.

The next day we took the bus to go to Stravros beach. I should again mention that the bus station in Chania was one of the best bus stations I have ever been. The bus ticket cost 2.3€ to go to Stavros.


Chania bus station

Stavros is located about 17km on th northeast of Chania at a some sort of peninsula. Stavros beach is located at the foot of the Stavros mountain that appears to be the location for “Zorba the Greek” film. It was kinda a big deal because it is mentioned in all the shops and the restaurant that we went.


Stavros mountain

We tried to hike up the mountain just beside the beach but we couldn’t really find the path. We were not really prepared either to do that so we just left the idea. It was a hot day and we just decided to cooling ourselves at the beach. There were people but not that many so the beach was still comfortable.


view from the beach

After wandered around the beach we got our lunch at Mama’s place. We found out afterwards that it was one of the best places to eat there with reasonable price.

After lunch we took the bus back to Chania to explore the town.

I would say that Chania was a typical Crete coastal village. Chania itself was bigger (second largest city in Crete) but as tourists we stayed only in the limited old town area of Chania. We moved our bags from the previous hotel to the one that we already reserved at the heart of the city. The owner was also the owner of an ice cream parlour at the ground floor and they rented apartment rooms on the other floors of the building.

It was Kondilaki street so if we just walked down the street we would end up at the coast. The street itself was packed with shops. After moving to the new place we ate ice cream at the owner’s shop. It was tasty! We then walked around. We visited the central market of Chania. The market shape is interesting because it formed a plus – or a cross, when tilted – sign. This steel frame construction was the best place to buy some local souvenirs or spices.


inside the market

We then continued around the west venetian walls before ending up back to the coast area. I have to say that the best part of Chania is to walking down the coast from the Nautical museum to the Chania harbour to the mosque of the Janissaries to the old harbour then to the Venetian port and end it at the lighthouse. The path was rather long and can be split it into two trips.


Mosque of the Janissaries

The best moment of Chania for me was to stop at the coast and to watch the sunset.


Sunset at Chania

The day after I insisted to go to Elafonissi beach. Elafonissi beach is located at the south-west end of the island and you might think that it did not make sense to visit it from Chania since we were in Agia Roumeli before. However, the bus line in Crete was rather centralized in Chania, so it was easier for us to reach Elafonissi from Chania than from the south coast villages.

To go to Elafonissi we had to pay 11€ for the bus. Definitely worth it. Elafonissi is n island that can be crossed by foot thanks to its shallow water. The beach was covered with white and pink sands and really was a surreal place to be.


Elafonissi beach

The beach was packed with people but as we walked more towards west to the higher land then there would be fewer people. We walked and wandered around the island, went up to the Agia Irini church before stayed not far from the naturist beach area. We spent the whole day swimming and moving from one small beach to another. It was amazing!


view at the bottom of Agia Irini church

As the journey ends, we took our bus back to Chania. We spent the morning after wander around Chania before we took our ferry to Athens. So to take the ferry we had to take a bus to Pireus where the port was. We took anek lines ferry and it was a quite big ferry. It had AC, three restaurants, and the cabin was really pleasant. We arrived the next morning in Athens and with that the Crete trip was finished.


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