boring thought

Wait it’s the last day of February already? I guess time flies when you’re having fun; or when the world is just trembling too fast? It’s been only two months since new year and we already got a lot of -not necessarily good nor bad- things happened worldwide.

Mountains help me a lot with all these what-the-heck-is-going-on things lately. I found media and social media to be very harsh lately. We tend to rely on very few sources of information and would stuck into a small portion of reality. Lot of posts and shared posts have been promoting violence and segregation rather than love and peace.

I don’t understand our amusement to label other people. The thing is that we are often trapped inside the label that we created. Identification is important, but what quantum has taught us that yes the cat could be dead or alive. Just because I’m an A doesn’t mean that I’m not a B or that I have to be treated differently than a B.

Yes we are different but we are entitled to be treated and respected equally.

A man is not a woman, but we are equal, we are human.
An asian is not a hispanic or other races, but we are equal, we are human.
A leftist is not a rightist, but we are equal, we are human.
A straight is not a gay, but we are equal, we are human.
A christian is not a muslim, but we are equal, we are human.

The list is endless.

We label people and we forgot that we are in fact, only human.

Let’s coexist!

P.S. Is it this era of big data that we see another human being as only a data point lingering around seven billions other data points so that we lost the sense of how important a being is?

Fontaine, 28/02/2017


3 thoughts on “boring thought

  1. Oh how I loved reading this. Social Media has become quite brutal and the problem is that everyone has elected themself an expert and no one is interested in proper debate – it’s like what I say or I’ll beat you round the head til you do. The beauty, or one of the beauties of being somewhat intellectual beings is surely in having differences and in learning from one another. I love this piece and I join hands with you in coexisting and trying to persuade others to join in!

    • Thank you for reading this!

      I read somewhere that social media is more of a one-way platform that promote judgement. As if our friend like or share or comment something that against your view than we would have an idea about him/her without even trying to have a discussion with him/her.

      And yes! coexisting in diversity makes it beautiful 🙂

      • I think that sums up Social Media very well indeed. I am happy to share my ideas about coexisting in diversity with anyone who is happy to listen – finding kindred spirits is a bonus! Have a beautiful and peaceful day. Namaste 🙏🏼

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