boring thought

Wait it’s the last day of February already? I guess time flies when you’re having fun; or when the world is just trembling too fast? It’s been only two months since new year and we already got a lot of -not necessarily good nor bad- things happened worldwide.

Mountains help me a lot with all these what-the-heck-is-going-on things lately. I found media and social media to be very harsh lately. We tend to rely on very few sources of information and would stuck into a small portion of reality. Lot of posts and shared posts have been promoting violence and segregation rather than love and peace. Continue reading


I have been rather frustated with a lot of people:

  • The devoted religious who: a. Speak high and almighty while being ignorant about the world; b. Defend blindly their religion; c. Judge people with no discussion.
  • The ignorants who: a. Are ignorant.
  • The capitalists who: a. Do anything to make money; b. Make money to do anything.
  • The smarts who: a. Are silent.

We only have one world, how hard is it to co-exist? Not only with other human beings but also with other beings.

My life in a nutshell

I have always been told that I am a Chinese-Indonesian. Now I always tell people that I am a Chinese-Indonesian. Indonesians class us as wealthy-business people; People are ignorant. We work hard, my parents work hard. People complain about their busy parents. I call it bullshit. I have never spent a lot of time with my parents. They do their way to raise their children. It doesn’t make them love me less or more. Interaction is two-way perceptions.

I have never had an extravagant dream. I lived my childhood in a closed community: christian-chinese-indonesian. I spent my time on school works. I’m good at math but not at taking bus. I wasn’t capable of dreaming fancy. After highschool, I got into a public university – one of the best in Indonesia. Was I happy? Yes; Was I happy? No. Everyone seemed happy. During my university years I found that life has more to offer. I made friends outside my bubble and expanded my family. I popped my bubble but found myself inside a bigger bubble.

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So it’s 2016, I have been telling myself that I would definitely write this year. I would post one writing every week.

But then, I am thinking what kind of stuff, what if I changed my mind about that. Then when I opened my admin site it distracted me with all the new themes and features. And I’m not very smart to figure how this works, what is amenu, what is a page, what is a category, like how they are linked?

And three weeks passed..

Here I am, three writings behind my 2016 resolution.