Bretagne trip: Sun, Rain, Bike. Part 2.

Part one

Saint Brieuc

It was predicted that it would rain last night. I expected our tent to be wet but it was dry when we woke up. I have to excuse myself for my poorly written articles. I write in english to practice and practice makes perfect. We were happy that the tent was dry for we left Saint Malo that day. And yes, the previous random sentences were intentional.

We packed our stuff and left Saint Malo. It started to rain when we biked to the train station. We bought our train ticket for Saint Brieuc. Continue reading


Bretagne trip: Sun, Rain, Bike.

It was July 30, the first day of my awaited holidays. One of the perks of working in France is that your working place may be closed and thus you may be forced to take your days off during summer. I got two weeks. I wasn’t very enthusiastic due to deadlines and also because I just took a trip to Crete on June. After some considerations, Bretagne popped into discussion. First was because the furthest I’ve been in Bretagne was Nantes; and second was after several trash-talks, I fell in love with the idea of doing a biking trip. By bike I mean bicycle here. Continue reading

Greece Part 1. Crete: Hersonissos, Lassithi Plateau, and Knossos Palace

Back in June I got a chance to attend a work event in Crete. I seized the opportunity to also travel a bit there. After 6years living in Europe, this was my first trip in Greece, especially in Crete. The trip was perfect it terrifies me to put it into words. I’m afraid to skip details – as I usually do – but I’ll try my best.

The whole trip lasted for seventeen days including six working days. I started the trip from the east part then moved to the west part of the island. During this trip I also visited Athens that I am less fond of. This is the first part of a four stories that I plan to write. This first part took place during my work event. The second part would be about the walks and hikes that I did on the south-west part of the island. The third part would be about Chania, and I would finish with Athens in the final part. At the end of the story I will try to summarize the trip with some helpful links.  Continue reading