Greece Part 2. Crete: Hikes around the south-west part of the island.

I’m sorry if that my five months old Greece trip has taken too long that it lost its freshness. I’m sure that I lost details of the trip but with several souvenirs that I keep: bus tickets, museum cards, and city maps; it should be alright.

I would say that this walking trip in Crete was one of the best trips I have ever done until now. The richness of the nature and the culture of Crete is truly amazing and worth experiencing. Continue reading

What canicule? Hiking in Belledonne

This summer we don’t get much good weather in France. Two saturdays ago it was raining, and although the sunday was not raining the view up in the mountain was not very good. We went to Grande Sure in Chartreusse but due to the contrast between sun and the remaining wet weather the mountains were covered with fogs.

So when they announced canicule – heat waves – in almost north-west side of France, we picked up our phone and dialed the refuge de la Pra in Belledonne mountains to see whether they got place to stay for this weekend. It was tuesday and they were fully booked already. It was expected. Continue reading

Bretagne trip: Sun, Rain, Bike. Part 4. Finished

Finally to my disappointment the bookstore was not open and we did not have more time to wait before my train for Nantes left. I crossed my finger that I could find the book in Nantes. So we left Vannes, and Morbihan, and Bretagne. We arrived in Nantes around noon. Again Nantes was no longer part of Bretagne during this trip but it was historically – and I think most people would still consider it as – Breton. Continue reading

Bretagne trip: Sun, Rain, Bike. Part 3.

Part one
Part two


The train left Brest at 12:36 and would normally arrived to Quimper at 14:17. This train served the west side of Bretagne. We had a little bit more than an hour in Quimper so why not visit it.

We rode our bike along the quai of Odet towards the old town. If you follow the story you must have noticed by now that in France or in Europe, the true heart of a city beats on the old town. Continue reading

Bretagne trip: Sun, Rain, Bike. Part 2.

Part one

Saint Brieuc

It was predicted that it would rain last night. I expected our tent to be wet but it was dry when we woke up. I have to excuse myself for my poorly written articles. I write in english to practice and practice makes perfect. We were happy that the tent was dry for we left Saint Malo that day. And yes, the previous random sentences were intentional.

We packed our stuff and left Saint Malo. It started to rain when we biked to the train station. We bought our train ticket for Saint Brieuc. Continue reading